The primary reason for choosing QDI lies in the testimony of countless satisfied clients over a long period of time.


Les was a police officer and forensic document examiner in the RCMP for 24½ years, and has been in private practise for the past 18 years.
His experience includes thousands of case examinations involving a wide variety of document problems, including disputed Wills, contracts, Aboriginal land claims, medical charts, cheques, loan agreements, mail theft, insurance fraud, anonymous letters, and suicide notes. In addition, Les has acquired considerable experience in the decipherment of obliterated, indented, or erased writing, and in the reconstruction of water-soaked or shredded, torn, and charred documents.
The level of expertise Les brings to the examination table can only be attained through this volume of extensive experience combined with years of court testimony.


Les was trained under the highly-regarded 24-month understudy program developed by the RCMP Forensic Laboratories, and also assisted with or directly supervised the training of at least 7 junior examiners during his career in police forensics.
He was approved to commence unsupervised casework examinations in 1970, and was one of the first examiners to be officially certified by the RCMP.

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We endeavour to provide each client with honest, objective, fully justified, and fully supportable expert opinions, which will be based solely on the characteristics of the documents presented for forensic analysis.
To accomplish this, we endeavour to isolate the often prejudiced adversarial perspective of the client, from the application of objective and independent scientific principles in order to derive trustworthy conclusions.
Regardless of results, we believe that our clients' best interests are always served if our reputation for credibility, independence, and integrity are not compromised.


Our fee schedule has been carefully designed to accommodate the professional and scientific needs of a very broad client base.
Considering Les' experience, training, and reputation, our fees are very reasonable and uniformly administered, without application of special rates for clients with a greater or lesser ability to pay. Visit our "What Does It Cost?" page for further details.


Les has been accepted and testified as an expert witness at all levels of court in the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, both as an examiner with the RCMP, and as a private consultant representing QDI Ltd.
He has also testified as a forensic document expert before various labour, immigration, or industrial hearings and arbitration panels.

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Your file is considered privileged information, and all case-related correspondence and information is available only to the individual who submitted the documents to our office.
Any release of information to other individuals or agencies will require written authorization from the contributor.


The examination procedures and methodologies utilized at QDI basically follow the time-tested and generally-accepted principles employed in many federal and provincial forensic laboratories, including those of the RCMP, Revenue Canada, and the Centre of Forensic Sciences (Toronto).
A peer-review process has recently been implemented with an associated Canadian examiner, and professional upgrading is achieved through regular attendance at conferences of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science (C.S.F.S.), and the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (A.S.Q.D.E.).
Les has achieved and maintained a high level of respect within the discipline, and has maintained his continuous membership in the C.S.F.S. since 1973.


The financial constraints of private practise do not allow QDI to purchase or maintain the ultra-expensive infrared imaging equipment or laser-scanning microscopes that are common in many government-funded laboratories. However, our office and examination facilities are very modern, and our equipment includes stereo microscopes, magnifiers, measurement grids, infrared / ultraviolet / fibre optic light sources, computers, electrostatic decipherment equipment, document scanners, a digital microscope and digital cameras.
Negotations with other independent professionals can be initiated to access infrared imaging, ink analysis, or paper analyses services on an as-needed basis.


At Q.D.I. we will endeavour to complete all files within a time period of 2-3 weeks. More complex files, which involve a large number of documents or considerable research, may necessitate a longer response time. Case submissions of an extremely urgent nature will be expedited, if acceptable adjustments to our examination schedule can be implemented. A fee surcharge may be applied to urgent files.


We maintain an active professional association with numerous colleagues in the forensic community, and Les collaborates on a regular basis with various recognized Document Examiners, both in private practise and in government forensic institutions. On those occasions when the services of Q.D.I. cannot be engaged due to conflict situations, Les will refer clients to one or more of these colleagues in Western or Eastern Canada.

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