What do we do

Questioned Document Investigations Ltd. (Q.D.I.) offers a broad spectrum of competent, professional, and affordable forensic consulting services specifically designed and delivered to assist many types of fraud-related criminal and civil investigations. Although it is difficult to fully itemize the numerous types of fraud, forgery, and similar investigations we encounter, our services can, in a broad sense, be described and categorized as follows:

  • examination, comparison, and identification of handwriting, signatures, or initials on a wide variety of disputed documents
  • consultations, advice, and technical support for forgery and fraud investigations; on-site assistance when required
  • examination, comparison, and identification of typewriters, chequewriters, printers, and other office machines
  • examination, comparison, and identification of faxed and photocopied documents
  • physical matching and reconstruction of torn, charred, water-damaged or mutilated documents
  • examination and comparison of inks, pens, markers, and other writing media
  • examination, decipherment, and comparison of indented writings
  • examination of documents to decipher and interpret relevant facts about alterations, erasures, obliterations, or substitutions
  • investigation of cheques and related negotiable instruments to determine the authenticity of signatures, or determination of alterations and additions
  • on-location assistance and consultations for auditors, book-keepers, or investigators of corporate fraud and major financial crimes
  • lectures and technical presentations pertaining to all aspects of Forensic Document Examination

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These services are available for both civil and criminal matters in most regions of Canada and the Northwest U.S.A., including experienced and competent Court testimony in most facets of the forensic document examination discipline.

All examinations and comparisons are completed by Leslie L. (Les) Peace, an experienced and accredited Document Examiner, and long time member of the Canadian Society Forensic Science (CSFS).

In his capacity as a Forensic Document Examiner in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Les served at the RCMP Laboratories in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Regina during his 24-year career in police Forensics. After his retirement in July of 1988, Les then proceeded to establish his private practice (Q.D.I.) in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Administrative support and research assistance is provided by Hannah Peace, Les's wife of 39 years, and critical reviewer of countless memoranda, reports, and research projects.

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