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Welcome to the Web-Site of Questioned Document Investigations Ltd. (or Q.D.I., for short), situated in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. This company provides a broad range of high quality, professional, independent, and affordable forensic document services.

At Q.D.I. we assist clients with the investigation and litigation of the various frauds and forgeries that frequently occur in all kinds of criminal, civil, and private disputes involving questioned or suspicious documents.

Q.D.I. is a Canadian-based forensic consulting service, specializing in the examination of forged signatures, altered documents, anonymous letters, disputed wills, fabricated cheques, and other types of suspicious documents. To address many of these initiatives, it is usually necessary to consider those methods and media which are utilized to create suspicious documents, including, but not limited to, the identification of typewriters, printers, and photocopiers, or the analysis of inks, indentations, and erasures.

We invite you to browse the following pages for information and aassistance regarding our many services, our people, our experience, and our fees.

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