What does it cost

Because the nature, the complexity, and the extent of forensic examination services can vary widely from case to case, and even within a specific investigation, our services are usually charged on a flat-rate hourly basis, plus disbursements and taxes.

In general terms, the average costs for any of Q.D.I.'s forensic examination and investigative services can be divided into two basic levels of service, as follows:

A. Consultation Level:

Includes the preliminary review, examination, comparison, or appraisal of documents and exhibits, and usually provides recommendations, limitations, and estimates for more detailed or more formal examination procedures.
This is our most popular, and most cost-effective level of service for lawyers, private investigators, and unrepresented individuals who are seeking to verify or refute various elements of their client's position, or to clarify one or more aspects of an ongoing investigation.
For clients who request a Consultation level of service, about 5-10 hours of analysis, examination, and administration time are usually charged to the file; notes and copies, and possibly photographs, are maintained on our file for reference purposes.
A brief written description of the exhibits, the methodology, observations, and tentative conclusions are provided to the client in the form of a Consultation Advisory report. This report includes a preliminary written opinion, but also contains a disclaimer that precludes the report from being utilized for affidavit or court purposes; an explanation of any limitations or recommendations is also included.

Average Cost: $ 300.00 - $ 1000.00 CDN
Deposit Required: $ 500.00 CDN

B. Forensic Examination Level:

This service level includes the formal forensic examination, analysis, and/or comparison of exhibits to address specific legal concerns or definite forensic question(s) presented by the client.
Most examinations of this nature require 5-20 hours of analysis, examination, and administrative time. Notes, copies, digital scans, photographs, and possibly comparison charts, are maintained on our file for a period of 5 years from the date the litigation is concluded.
This level of service includes a detailed written report which is formally titled Forensic Examination Report. It is suitable for affidavit or court purposes, and contains a relatively detailed description of exhibits, observations, methodology, opinions, comments, recommendations, research initiatives, plus a curriculum vitae.
An Affidavit of Expert Witness (i.e. Substance of Opinion) is included with this level of service when the evidence supports a specific litigation objective, and when requested by the client.

Average Cost: $ 500.00 - $ 2000.00 CDN
Deposit Required: $ 500.00 CDN

C. Additional Time:

Any additional hours of analysis, examination, or administration time, which exceed the usual or expected time requirements within any level of service, are charged at an hourly rate, in increments of 1/4 (0.25) hours.

D. Other Services:

Usually includes Court, Travel, Research, Lectures, Consultations, On-Site Examinations, Investigative Assistance, etc.
Please contact our office personally to discuss the scope of your requirements, to obtain a copy of our current Fee Schedule, or to determine the approximate costs for any services you may wish to contract with Q.D.I. Our office will provide prospective clients with written estimates and proposals on request.
For very large and complex files that require considerable research, travel, or on-site assistance with investigations, fees may be negotiated on a "project" or "contract" basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc).

E. Taxes:

Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is charged and included as a component of all invoices, however Provincial Sales Tax (PST) does not apply to any goods or services purchased in the Province of Alberta.

F. Letter of Engagement:

All requests for service must be accompanied by a suitable letter of engagement which describes the documents being submitted, lists the examinations being requested, and authorizes Q.D.I. to proceed with the requested examinations. No examinations will be commenced without a letter of engagement or without the applicable deposit / retainer. A sample "Letter of Engagement" is available on request.